This is what LEGO Star Wars’ Jedi Bob looks like today

If you’ve ever wondered what LEGO Star Wars’ Jedi Bob looks like today, you’re not alone – but you might not like the answer.

Nineteen years ago, the LEGO Star Wars theme’s newest hero arrived in 7163 Republic Gunship. This beloved warrior bore no name, having been plucked from the imaginations of Billund’s brightest, but the jolliest Jedi on Geonosis was quickly christened by the fan community – and Jedi Bob was born.

The classic character has since become legendary among LEGO Star Wars fans. He’s got his own Wookieepedia page, and even appeared in the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary in 2009. But unlike the majority of the theme’s minifigures, he’s never once been redesigned or re-released.

Thankfully, we now have a much better idea of what Jedi Bob would look like if he was released in a set today, courtesy of redditor NobodyQuiteLikeMe. And, well, let’s just say those 19 years are showing in more ways than one.

LEGO Star Wars Jedi Bob 2021

Bob’s far more detailed for his old age, with Naare’s torso and Ahsoka’s legs representing a real upgrade on his basic original torso and unprinted legs. But the years have also clearly taken a toll on his demeanour: gone is his cheery visage, replaced by Ben Kenobi’s way more serious expression.

Maybe that’s what years fighting the good fight does to you. Old Bob must have survived Order 66 to make it this far, after all. But it also means that NobodyQuiteLikeMe’s upgrade effectively robs us of the cheery optimism that original Bob delivered all the way back in 2002, when the world seemed a much simpler place.

If the LEGO Group does revisit this character in the upcoming Ultimate Collector Series Republic Gunship, as many fans are hoping for, we can only trust in the Force that it will choose to honour Jedi Bob’s legacy with a much happier minifigure. That’s the real Bob we all know and love.

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