This new LEGO tool will make cleaning up a lot easier

There’s finally an easy way to clear up all those loose bricks on your floor, thanks to a new and official LEGO tool.

Room Copenhagen is back with another LEGO accessory, this time aiming not just to store your collection but to make cleaning it up faster, meaning more time for building.

The LEGO Brick Scooper is the latest product from the partnership, which produces well-known LEGO brick storage solutions, sometimes in the shape of giant pieces. This latest item, however, has one clear goal in mind, scooping up loose pieces that you’ve scattered on a surface.

Young or old, we’ve all done it. Emptying a big box of bricks can be one of the most satisfying feelings, something the LEGO Group is clearly aware of. Unfortunately, after the emptying comes putting it all back, a lengthy task, especially with lots of smaller bricks. Room Copenhagen’s new solution will allow you to scoop up those bricks and tip them back in the box.


The LEGO Brick Scooper comes in two colour sets, each containing two sizes of scoops. Grey is the first option and red and blue form the second, both embedded with The LEGO Group’s logo and all containing one brick separator to detach components before scooping.

You can find more information and see the product for yourself on Room Copenhagen’s website, but there is no known price or release date at the time of writing. Although considering how simple it is, it seems fair to assume it won’t be breaking the bank.

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