Three new LEGO sets enter the Brick Fanatics Top 20 (sort of)

Three new

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sets have now joined the ideal Brick Fanatics’ Top 20 LEGO Sets List, though one of them is currently out of stock online.

That precludes

from taking its designated spot among our list of the very best sets available at in the UK, but the moment it comes back in stock, you’ll find it right up there with its equally-brilliant contemporaries. Dive into our review to find out why Aloy’s first adventure into the
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wilds will deserve its eventual place in the Top 20 LEGO Sets List.

Two more new releases have actually joined the list today, though, because they’re both in stock and available to order right now.

takes the place of , a mainstay in the Top 20 LEGO Sets List since it launched in January 2021, as the Botanical Collection set to aim for – whether you’ve already got a blooming garden of plastic plants or are in the market for your first.

Elsewhere, Buzz Lightyear gets some representation in the list with

, one of three based on Toy Story spin-off movie Lightyear. It also happens to be the best of the three and the greatest clue to what a modern-day LEGO Space theme could look like in 2022, spurred on by director Angus MacLane giving the LEGO Group an excuse to create a new trans-yellow windshield.

Click through to Brick Fanatics’ Top 20 LEGO Sets List for a complete rundown of the current list, which is updated daily, and to see where both of those new in-stock models have slotted in. For now,

joins – which has also sold out today – in the ‘notice something missing?’ section, but keep an eye on the site for updates on its stock levels.

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