Time to order Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 2

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 2 is available to order now, as a single issue or as part of a 12-issue or 24-issue subscription.

Brick Fanatics Magazine is going monthly, with Issue 2 of the A5, 80-page print publication all about

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available now. This latest issue is available for purchase in single copies (plus a postage and packaging charge) or as part of a 12-issue or 24-issue subscription, at a discounted rate, with free postage and packaging.

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 2 cover

This issue focuses on The

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Movie 2: The Second Part, with an exclusive tour of Apocalypseburg from those at the LEGO Group who helped bring the film to life. Using the behind-the-scenes concept

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and movie stills as inspiration, the latest exclusive cover build is inspired by the fallen of Statue of Liberty that the movie’s characters have built their new community around.

It isn’t all movie related though, with the App-Controlled Batmobile getting a road – well, off-road – test to see how well it lasts and Johnny Thunder inspiring an all-new adventure based build.

Issue 2 can be ordered as a single copy (plus a postage and packaging charge). To save money and qualify for free postage, by subscriptions are available and run for 12 or 24 issues. Subscriptions are available from Issue 1 (Issues 1-12 or 1-24) or Issue 2 (Issues 2-13 or 2-25), so there is still time to catch up. Single copies of Issue 1 are still available too.

Every order, and in particular every subscription, supports the work we do at Brick Fanatics Magazine and goes a long way to ensuring that we can continue to deliver the very best, most engaging and relevant brick-based material each and every issue.

Rob Paton

As one half of Tiro Media Ltd, I mix a passion for print and digital media production with a deep love of LEGO and can often be found on these pages eulogising about LEGO Batman, digging deeper into the LEGO Group’s inner workings, or just complaining about the price of the latest LEGO Star Wars set. Make a great impression when you meet me in person by praising EXO-FORCE as the greatest LEGO theme of all time. Follow me on Twitter @RobPaton or drop me an email at [email protected].

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