Top five Easter eggs we spotted in the first two episodes of Hawkeye

The first two episodes of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye series have been released on Disney+ and here are the top five Easter eggs we spotted.

Marvel fans got a big treat yesterday as not only did the new Hawkeye series drop on Disney+, but the first two episodes are already available to stream. The show follows Avenger Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) who just wants to spend Christmas with his family yet finds himself involved in a New York adventure with fellow archer, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld).

Being a Marvel Studios series and part of a larger connected comic book universe, the show has plenty of subtle (and not-so-subtle) Easter eggs to spot. Some of these are references to Marvel comic book characters, while others could be setting up plot lines for future movies and TV shows. Here are the top five Easter eggs we found:

5 – Master of kung fu

shang chi enters the marvel studios logo 1637781192
Image: Marvel Studios

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings saw the long-overdue arrival of the first Asian superhero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well now he’s also going to be appearing in the Marvel Studios opening logo, which is as it should be.

4 – League of celebrities

friendly neighborhood marvel comics writers 1637781192
Image: Marvel Studios

When Kate Bishop takes Clint Barton to a supposed safehouse, there are a number of seemingly random names shown on the door buzzer. These are actually nods to many famous comic book writers and celebs including Sam Moskowitz, Marcel Sosa, Glen Danzig and (yes) Seth Meyers.

3 – Who’s a good boy?

username bishop112012 1637781192
Image: Marvel Studios

In episode two, Kate attempts to track Clint’s phone using software created by her mother’s security firm. She inputs her username as ‘bishop112012’, a nod to Hawkeye Vol. 4 # 2, the comic book that marks the first appearance of Lucky the Pizza Dog.

2 – Stane tech

stane tower 1637781192
Image: Marvel Studios

The first we see of Kate is when she’s playing a prank at her college. The sign at the college entrance identifies the belltower as ‘Stane Tower, a reference to Tony Stark’s villainous ex-partner, included as part of 76190 Iron Man: Iron Monger.

1 – Echo, Echo, Echo…

hawkeye echo
Image: Marvel Studios

The character glimpsed at the end of episode two is none other than Maya Lopez/Echo (Alaqua Cox), a deaf superhero with photographic reflexes. The apparent leader of the Tracksuit Mafia will be starring in her own Disney+ series at some point.

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye is available to stream now, only on Disney+.

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