Will LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT-AT go on sale before midnight?

Given precedent established earlier this year, there’s a chance LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT-AT could actually go on sale online before midnight.

Back in February, 10295 Porsche 911 launched at midnight in Europe, which meant it actually went on sale at 11pm in the UK (or potentially even earlier, according to one Brickset user). Havoc ensued when its accompanying gift-with-purchase, a Porsche owners’ pack, then sold out by 11.30pm – half an hour before the actual release date of the LEGO for Adults car.

Since then, the LEGO Group has been careful to specify time zones when advertising launch dates for sets, and 75313 AT-AT is currently scheduled to launch at midnight tonight in the UK, and 1am on the continent. But not every midnight launch has happened on the dot this year, and there’s a chance that this set, too, could actually be available ahead of schedule.

If you’re aiming to grab it as soon as it goes live – and especially if you want to pick up 40483 Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber, the walker’s gift-with-purchase that will inevitably run out instantly – it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on 75313 AT-AT’s product page from just before 11pm UK time. We’ll also keep you updated on the UCS set’s availability, including when it sells out.

Because you know it will. Like Thanos, it’s… inevitable.

While you’re hanging around hitting refresh at LEGO.com, check out our video review of 75313 AT-AT, and watch as we answer all your burning questions about the 6,785-piece set – including the ones you never thought to ask.

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