WATCH: Monty Python has a place in LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle

Monty Python’s Twitter is spreading theories of a reference in LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle, as discussed in our latest video short. 

10305 Lion Knights’ Castle is now available and the Monty Python Twitter account was quick to point out a potential reference to Patsy, with one minifigure equipped with a large backpack and flag, almost keeling over at the weight of their cargo. 

Our latest YouTube video short is a handy summary of this story, explaining how this one minifigure might be a reference to the legendary historical comedy series. 

We’ve shared the same video on TikTok too, for those who prefer the newer platform over YouTube, but rest assured that you’re watching exactly the same content. 


Monty Python Twitter is spreading LEGO Castle fan theories

? original sound – brickfanatics

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To get your hands on the LEGO Monty Python reference, you can buy 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle on the official online store now for £344.99 / $399.99 / €399.99.  

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