Watch the LEGO Technic 40th anniversary celebration

The LEGO Group has celebrated 40 years of LEGO Technic by looking back at classic sets in the LEGO Ideas House vault.

Fans were given a unique look inside the famous LEGO vault, with special guests looking back at classic Technic sets to celebrate the 40th anniversary. The event was live streamed yesterday, and now the entire footage is available for LEGO Technic enthusiasts to enjoy.

Jan Ryaa, the first LEGO Technic designer, Andrew Woodman, Senior Lead Designer on LEGO Technic and Signe Wiese, Culture Mediator at LEGO Idea House take fans through the history of the famous long running theme.

Each 2017 LEGO Technic set includes a special commemorative element, acknowledging the milestone that the iconic theme has reached.


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