Who are the rumoured LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures?

With rumours for a supposed LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Marvel Collectable Minifigures Series appearing online you may be wondering who the characters are, so we’ve put together a guide for the supposed cast.

Before we begin the list, remember that there is no official confirmation of the characters in the rumour or that a Marvel series of Collectable Minifigures is on the way. Until confirmed by the LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Group, take the following with a grain of salt. 

Out of the four Disney+ Marvel shows apparently covered in the supposedly upcoming series, only two have currently aired. From this, we can outline a few pieces of information for the rumoured included characters, and look at the comic history for those that have yet to appear. Please note the following list contains potential and actual spoilers for WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, What If…? and Loki.


WandaVision characters Scarlet Witch Monica Rambeau White vision

Included in the rumoured list of minifigures are three from the popular streaming series, WandaVision. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know that Wanda Maximoff’s ascension to the role of Scarlet Witch plays a huge part in the finale, and a potential minifigure of that would fit nicely. Let’s just hope this alleged plastic iteration of Wanda doesn’t trap anyone in a sitcom-based reality. 

The other two characters who may be part of the series include Monica Rambeau, whose powers include manipulating the energy around and within her to see the unseen and avoid danger. Another may be White Vision, as the android has been coined by fans, who has the same move set as Vision but without any of the emotion that makes Paul Bettany’s character who he is. 

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

LEGO Marvel Minifigure Series Disney The Falcon and the Winter Soldier featured

Just two characters from the latest Disney+ show will supposedly be part of the rumoured Collectable Minifigures series and there’s only one duo from the show who makes sense. No, it’s not Baron Zemo and Okoye but instead Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, both of which would presumably be in their latest outfit appearance, though the former may be about to receive a more updated look if recent episodes are anything to go by. 

Sam Wilson is also known as The Falcon, a winged superhero whose master of flight and built-in Redwing drone allows him to swoop into uncertain situations for a swift resolution. On the other hand, Bucky Barnes is a genetically enhanced soldier whose experience with Captain America led to him receiving a metal arm, later upgraded to one made of Vibranium. 


Loki Marvel featured
Image: Marvel

As the next of the Disney+ shows to release, Loki will centre around the titular character on his time-travelling adventures as he rewrites history, sometimes under the guidance, and others likely in strict defiance of the Time Variance Authority – the enforcers of the timeline for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Three characters are rumoured to represent this show, but only across two minifigures. 

As the show has yet to air, we’re presuming that the listed minifigures will likely be based on the series but have no way to know for sure. Loki is easy to explain as the God of mischief and brother of Thor who has antagonised and assisted the Avengers over the past decade of films.

As far as the comic appearances of the other characters go, Throg is an alternate universe version of Thor who is, you guessed it, a Frog. Meanwhile, Lady Loki may be referring to a similar parallel version of the god and might have already been shown in the first trailer.

What if…?

What if Marvel LEGO who are the characters featured

We’ve only had one trailer and a separate first look for Marvel’s experimental, reality-exploring What if…? show so far, which has shown a few of the alleged cast featured in the rumour. Peggy Carter will be taking on the role of Captain Britain in an animated episode in a reality where she was chosen for the super soldier serum and became the bearer of the Vibranium shield.  

Star-Lord T’Challa is the focus of another instalment in the show which will explore what would have happened if Yondu had taken T’Challa from Wakanda instead of Peter Quill in America – meaning the future king would have never become the Black Panther.

Zombie Captain America is from a universe where some Marvel heroes have been infected by a rabid disease, turning them into super-powered, undead parasites. That wraps up all the rumoured characters that have been officially shown, with two more potentially revealing unknown episodes. 

Supposedly, one minifigure will portray Steve Rogers as Spider-Man with the usual red and black suit presumably replaced with one of red, white and blue colouring and maybe even the matching shield.

Another is said to be of Warlord Gamora, possibly depicting a version of the cosmic assassin who embraced her adoptive father’s destructive tendencies and lays waste to countless worlds. Nothing is confirmed just yet, so take everything you’ve read with the appropriate caution. 

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