You can use the LEGO IKEA boxes for more than just storage

Inventive LEGO fans have been coming up with novel ways to use the new LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK storage boxes.

The Swedish furniture giant launched its new range of LEGO storage boxes at the beginning of October. And over on Instagram, a handful of builders have already begun using BYGGLEK for more than just storing bricks. That will be music to the ears of LEGO Designer Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, who described the boxes as “storage and play intertwined.”

Each of the boxes has a studded surface, meaning it’s actually fairly easy to integrate into your builds. As with everything LEGO, all you need is a little imagination.

Here’s a look at some of the best examples of BYGGLEK building we’ve spotted on Instagram.

LEGO Bygglek Beach House 1024x1024

This beach house by @legofjotten takes advantage of the boxes’ size to add instant height to a three-storey slice of modern living.

LEGO Bygglek Planter

Instagram user @davekaleta lifted the lid on his BYGGLEK box to create a LEGO planter. Now we want to see it with real plants…

LEGO Bygglek Greek House

@bricksized has used the box’s white colour scheme to their benefit, recreating their roots with this gorgeous Greek architecture.

LEGO Bygglek Sorting 1024x1024

You can store bricks in it, you can build on top of it, or, like @a_whatchamacallit, you can even use BYGGLEK’s lid to sort bricks while you build.

For more BYGGLEK builds, search for #bygglek on Instagram.

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