Build a better purple LEGO Classic Space minifigure with new Lunar New Year 2023 set

The LEGO Lunar New Year 2023 sets have been unveiled, revealing the pieces needed to make the perfect purple Classic Space minifigure. 

One of the many unique minifigures in 80111 Lunar New Year Parade could pair well with the Space Creature from 71032 Series 22, which came with a crucial part needed to make a purple Classic Space astronaut. After months of waiting, a purple Classic Space helmet and air tank will soon be available from December 25

LEGO Lunar New Year Parade 1

As stated in our guide to building a purple LEGO Classic Space astronaut minifigure, the Space Creature needed a pair of purple legs, a helmet and a tank to make the full outfit, but the correct type of tank and helmet didn’t exist in purple, until now. 

80111 Lunar New Year Parade includes a minifigure wearing the long-awaited purple helmet and tank. However, they’re missing the rest of the outfit.  

With our guide to building a purple Classic Space Astronaut minifigure, you’ll be able to make an even better version to add to your Classic Space collection. Just grab the torso from 71032 Series 22 and the included pair of purple legs and the job will finally be done. 

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