#BuildtoGive LEGO sets stolen from Fairy Bricks

After the charity Fairy Bricks had around 2,000 LEGO sets intended for sick children stolen, the LEGO Group is helping to replace them.

The team at Fairy Bricks had upsetting news yesterday when the van used to transport donated LEGO sets to sick children was broken into, with 2,000 LEGO sets being stored inside missing.

The sets that were stolen are part of a campaign that has seen LEGO UK and Fairy Bricks team up. The #BuildtoGive campaign asks the public to build a Christmas decoration from LEGO bricks, and for every one built a LEGO set will be donated by the company. Fairy Bricks will then distribute the sets to children in hospitals across the UK.

The West Yorkshire Police are investigating the crime and have encouraged the public to share any information:

To support the campaign, fans can build a LEGO Christmas decoration and share the image on social media with the hashtag #BuildtoGive.


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