Comparing LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld with the original fan design

The latest LEGO Ideas set adapts another classic sitcom into bricks – but how closely does 21328 Seinfeld match Brent Waller’s original submission?

First uploaded to the crowdsourcing platform in June 2019, the fan designer’s project – launched to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary – reached the review stage in just over four months. Now, some two years later, it’s finally about to hit shelves real and virtual as the 36th LEGO Ideas set, 21328 Seinfeld.

And looking at both Brent’s build and the finished model side-by-side, it’s safe to say that the LEGO Group didn’t need to tinker too much with this one. Where some Ideas projects undergo radical transformations during the design process – Clemens Fiedler’s 21325 Medieval Blacksmith springs to mind – 21328 Seinfeld hews pretty closely to the original submission.

Take the layout and format of Jerry’s apartment, for instance, which matches Brent’s original vision almost perfectly – from the angled walls to the additional, enclosed rooms. Both fan and LEGO designers are working from the same material, but it’s still credit to how well Brent’s design matches the LEGO Group’s own sitcom template established by 21302 The Big Bang Theory and 21319 Central Perk.

All five of Brent’s proposed characters – Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes and Newman – have also made the cut, making for a minifigure selection that best represents all 180 episodes of the much-loved series. Even their designs resemble Brent’s original choices, bar a hair-swap for Elaine and a brand new hairpiece for Jerry.

There are a few other alterations spread throughout the set, but they’re pretty minimal – and, bar a change from sand blue to sand green for the furniture, mostly involve options that weren’t open to Brent back in 2019. The barstools, for instance, use dark blue candle elements that were only introduced this year in 80107 Spring Lantern Festival, while the fridge is decorated with a sticker designed specifically for 21328 Seinfeld.

On the whole, the 10,000 Seinfeld fans who supported Brent’s design on LEGO Ideas should be pretty satisfied with the finished product. You can examine it in closer detail in our extensive image gallery, which will hopefully tide you over until 21328 Seinfeld launches for VIP members on July 21 (ahead of a wider release on August 1).

For more on the latest LEGO Ideas set, check out the official announcement, hear from Brent and learn why today’s reveal is perfectly timed.

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