LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld officially revealed

The LEGO Group has officially revealed its latest set inspired by a sitcom – and the newest addition to its Ideas range – in 21328 Seinfeld.

It’s the 36th set to come out of the crowdsourcing platform (including those launched when it was known as LEGO CUUSOO, before rebranding to Ideas in 2014), and is based on a concept by fan designer Brent Waller.

Veteran Ideas fans will recognise Brent’s name, as he’s also the man behind 2014’s 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1. This latest successful 10K project sees his Seinfeld diorama – which follows in the footsteps of 21302 The Big Bang Theory and 21319 Central Perk – realised as a 1,326-piece ode to the classic sitcom, revealed on the anniversary of the show’s first-ever episode.

As per Brent’s original pitch, the finished model transforms Jerry’s apartment into a fully-fledged LEGO set, and includes minifigures of Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes and Newman. And just like its predecessors, 21328 Seinfeld is packed with plenty of references to the show’s most iconic moments, such as the Festivus pole and Jerry’s stand-up stage.

“Seinfeld is a classic sitcom and a cultural icon that was huge in the ‘90s, and still stands the test of time today,” said the LEGO Group’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Federico Begher. “The combination of the quirky characters and the nostalgia of the show is the perfect fit for LEGO and when we saw the concept we just knew we had to make it.

“I am so excited to see how this has been brought to life in LEGO form, and the attention to detail – from the furniture to some of the minifigures’ accessories.”

21328 Seinfeld will launch on July 21 for VIP members, ahead of a wider release from August 1 at and in LEGO Stores, for £69.99 / $79.99 / €79.99. For more, check out a full gallery of images, hear from fan designer Brent, and see how his original model compares to the finished product.

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