Double LEGO VIP points are here, grab these seven sets while you can

Another double LEGO VIP points event is here, but instead of focusing just on the new releases don’t forget to score these seven retiring sets while you still can.

7 – 10264 Corner Garage

The LEGO modular buildings have gained a following amongst builders, and for good reason. Each one of the unique brick-built buildings features a wealth of story and characters and are part of one of the longest-running collection of sets from the company. As if that wasn’t enough, they all fit together to form your own personalised street.

The next in the series to retire, according to Brick Fanatics’ sources, 10264 Corner Garage contains six minifigures and 2,569 pieces. That size will also score you an additional 1,280 VIP points during the event. Modular collectors might not want to sit on this set for too long, especially with such a deal on offer. We’ve got a full review of 10264 Corner Garage to help you decide if it belongs on your display.

6 –  75954 Hogwarts Great Hall

Although the LEGO Wizarding World may have just received a new version of the Great Hall in 76389 Hogwarts™ Chamber of Secrets, the original version is still available with a retirement date of sometime in July. 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall (review) comes in cheaper than the 2021 iteration and is ideal for the Harry Potter fan who wants a taste of the magical school on a budget.

It also includes almost as many minifigures and a brick-built version of the malicious serpent. This is absolutely your last chance to buy the Harry Potter set before it leaves the official online store forever and with double points currently on, what are you waiting for?

5 – 10258 London Bus

With 1760 total VIP points on offer during the event, 10258 London Bus is one set that should be on your watchlist as the Creator Expert Model is nearing the end of its retail lifespan. The large LEGO vehicles have become a staple of many builder’s collections and this particular build changes the formula with some multi-tiered construction.

The shape of the iconic double-decker buses has been captured authentically by the LEGO designers, with alternate license plates to match your region. There’s even an Easter egg hidden within the layers of the set, but we’ll leave you on the edge of your seat to guess what it is.

4 – 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V

What more can we say about this LEGO Ideas build that has quickly become a classic amongst the LEGO Group’s model catalogue. 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V is an enormous scale iteration of the iconic spacecraft which delivered the first astronauts to the surface of the moon, including creations for every stage of the mission.

This set has been so popular with builders that the original model (21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V) was re-released as this new version with no changes other than the set number. Unfortunately, its days are numbered and so this might be your best and last chance to pick up 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V before it launches away forever.

3 – 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle

While there are quite a few LEGO Star Wars sets retiring by the end of the month, 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle is due to leave the official online store at the end of the year as one of the most unique models in the theme.

Featuring five minifigure, two of which are exclusive to it, 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle will easily earn you £240 worth of VIP points if you purchase it before July 18 and the 1060-piece monolithic build should make a striking display amongst your wider collection

2 – 21046 Empire State Building

Maybe minifigure-scale models aren’t what you’re looking for in your next LEGO purchase. In that case, Architecture has a few of its models retiring too, such as the massive 21046 Empire State Building. This taste of New York might be enough to whisk you away to the concrete jungle, with a microscale setting depicting the iconic skyscraper and a nearby street filled with the classic yellow taxis.

Older builders might be especially tempted by this build with a more muted colour scheme that could make an excellent conversation piece on a nearby shelf or desk. You might want to act quick though as the expensive model will only be available until the end of the year, and who knows how many more VIP points events will be held before then.

1 – 75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt

Rounding out our suggested list of retiring LEGO sets is one that is already sold out on the UK version of, but may remain on your local storefront with a potentially lucrative investment to be had. Whether you decide to pick up Jurassic World 75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt for the resale value of its moulded dinosaur figure or the sake of enjoyment and play, sources indicate that it is due to retire this month.

Although 76942 Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape offers a different version of the dino, the 2019 set is cheaper by comparison and offers a good chance to add the creature to your very own LEGO Jurassic World, with a total of 960 points too.

Don’t forget the duo of limited-time deals also on, as a fair few of the builds on this list will score you at least one, if not both.

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