20% off LEGO CITY 60350 Lunar Research Base in John Lewis LEGO sale

Recent release in the LEGO CITY line, 60350 Lunar Research Base, is enjoying a hefty discount in the latest round of John Lewis LEGO deals

John Lewis is a great destination for LEGO fans, as it offers a diverse range of sets on its website. In addition to hard-to-find items, the retailer offers discounts on more commonplace LEGO sets as well. 60350 Lunar Research Base is one such set, and a particularly exciting addition to the LEGO CITY range.

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LEGO CITY has explored outer space on several occasions over the years. However, this one is the first to depict a base on another planet (well, a moon in this instance). The base itself includes living quarters, science stations, and a large garage where a buggy can be parked. There’s also a small lunar lander, a drone with a winch, and a moon crater containing bacteria to play with.

The set is even directly compatible with another set in the LEGO CITY range. 60348 Lunar Roving Vehicle can attach to the research base’s airlock, offering further play possibilities. 

With an RRP of £89.99, 60350 Lunar Research Base isn’t exactly an impulse buy. However, John Lewis is currently selling it for £71.99 – an attractive saving of 20% on an impressive model. 60348 Lunar Roving Vehicle can also be had for £19.99 – a 20% saving of £5 – if you want to complete the set.

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In addition to great prices, John Lewis offers excellent customer service from start to finish. You can enjoy free delivery on this order as it comfortably clears the £50 delivery threshold. You can also track your order once it’s been dispatched, providing peace of mind at all times.

Since this set is so unique, it’s sure to prove popular with LEGO fans. Make your way over to John Lewis now to avoid disappointment; use our on-page affiliate links to support our work here at Brick Fanatics as well. 

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