LEGO Avatar Jake Sully BrickHeadz rumoured

The rumoured LEGO Avatar theme might be getting BrickHeadz too according to a report, potentially introducing a new concept to the caricatures.

Instagram user greekbricks, whose track record includes the likes of 76209 Thor’s Hammer and 75343 Dark Trooper Helmet, is now reporting that the all-but-confirmed Avatar theme will also have a BrickHeadz set to go alongside it. Remember that these are only rumours and the extent of the LEGO Group’s partnership with Avatar has not been clarified just yet.

According to the user, the Avatar BrickHeadz will depict Jake Sully, the main character in the movie in both his human and Na’vi form. That rumoured description might offer a few details for those familiar with the character. Jake Sully in human uses a wheelchair after suffering a spinal injury in a war. Provided this rumour is true, that would be a first for LEGO BrickHeadz.

Compared to humans, the Na’vi are 10 feet tall, so Jake Sully in this form is much taller than in his original body. Whether or not these rumoured BrickHeadz are to scale in that way has not been confirmed, though it could make for an interesting set when combined with the possibility of the wheelchair.

LEGO CON will showcase more of what LEGO Avatar, whatever it may be, has to offer next week, June 18. Previous rumours suggest that it will be a theme with four sets in 2022, and additional models in 2023.

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