LEGO Batman trading cards available now in the UK

LEGO Batman trading cards have launched in the UK, available now from WHSmith and selected supermarkets.

Following the success of the various LEGO children’s magazines, the companies behind them are releasing series of trading cards. Last year, this saw the release of LEGO Star Wars trading cards. Germany has already seen the release of LEGO Batman trading cards, and now the series had come to the UK – thankfully with translated English text.

The series, launching in the year of Batman’s 80th anniversary, comprises 252 cards, plus 22 limited edition gold cards. Despite being labelled as LEGO Batman, it seems that the cards will cover the entire DC Comics multiverse.

LEGO Batman trading cards

If this follows the same pattern as the LEGO Star Wars trading cards, they will also be available in the UK.

A wave of LEGO Batman sets recently launched at

76118 Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle
76119 Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker
76120 Batwing and The Riddler
76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion
76137 Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery
76138 Batman and The Joker Escape

A further set is rumoured to be arriving as a exclusive later this year.

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