LEGO Builder’s Journey confirmed for PlayStation release

Adorable build-em-up LEGO Builder’s Journey has received a product listing on the PlayStation digital storefront.

LEGO Builder’s Journey is one of the most charming LEGO video games to appear in the last few years. Taking a pared-down approach to its aesthetic and level design, it has players guiding a brick-built character around small LEGO dioramas. To aid this character’s movement, you must pick up and reposition LEGO elements to create a path that they can navigate.

So far, the game has garnered positive reviews from the likes of PC Gamer, Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun. That may explain the wide release it’s enjoyed. The game debuted as an exclusive title for the Apple Arcade gaming subscription service, but has since gravitated to Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms. Now – as we previously speculated – PlayStation gamers can enjoy it as well.

No price has been given for the game yet, but we do know it’ll be available for purchase from April 19 at 11am BST. We also know that upon its debut here, the game will include a new Creative Mode for players to enjoy. While this appears to have some limitations, it still seems like a great way to flex your creative muscles.

If you’re interested in picking up the game, head on over to the product page to add it to your Wishlist. Make sure you’re in the right region before you do so.

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