LEGO City’s 2023 sets innovate after change in leadership

The online store has revealed the LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at City 2023 models and there’s plenty of innovation coming to the theme after a change in leadership.

There are 21 full LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at City sets coming in 2023, spanning everything from natural models and unusual urban sets. Even familiar territory such as Police has at least one new feature, potentially increasing some sets’ appeal.

Shortly following the reveal, designer Simon Lucas revealed on Twitter that they were leading the LEGO City design team while developing these upcoming builds, taking over the leadership position, which might explain the various innovations that are on the way.

Sets such as 60371 Emergency Vehicles HQ, 60383 Electric Sports Car, 60384 Penguin Slushy Van
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and 60389 Custom Car Garage offer familiar, but uncommon models from electric cars to a collection of emergency vehicles, still representing some rarer concepts to LEGO City that may have only been explored once before. However, elsewhere in the theme’s upcoming range, the innovations are more palpable, especially for familiar concepts.

One example comes in the form of 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training
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and 60372 Police Training Academy. Both are Police models, which are a mainstay in LEGO City.

However, they include something brand new. In 60372 Police Training Academy, that’s an obstacle course for minifigures to complete and it explains how the officers of LEGO City are so well-trained and equipped to handle the constant criminals. In 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training
$22.49 at BUY NOW
, the cactus arms from LEGO Collectible Minifigures are being repurposed for a bite suit, offering value as this is the first time such a specific outfit has been featured in LEGO City.

The 2023 wave also includes brand new types of sets for LEGO City and examples include 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck and 60394 ATV and Otter Habitat, both of which are entirely new models and concepts or animals for the original theme.

All 23 innovative LEGO City sets are releasing on January 1, 2023, alongside waves for several other themes including Marvel, Friends and Minecraft.

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