LEGO CITY Missions had an all-new process during development

For such an experience, LEGO CITY Missions’ development saw designers explore a new process of creating LEGO sets that focused on the story.

In a recent roundtable interview with members of the design team behind LEGO CITY Missions, the process behind the creation of the three Missions sets was explained, including what elements were familiar and what was all-new to the team.

“It’s a totally new process. So, coming from the innovation side, we were absolutely leaning into their expertise like our partners in the digital Building Instructions app team and in the LEGO CITY team,” shared design strategist Lillie Talbott. “They know how to make it happen, how to make it come to life so we leaned on their expertise as much as possible.

“Everything else was brand new like having to work so closely with the story team. Thinking about the sequencing and keeping it interesting and thinking about what happens in mission six that is going to make you want to get to mission seven, as well as how to structure the first three.

“How do we structure the first missions to give you the information and the confidence you need to take on missions four through eight – all of those principles and experiences were created, together with them. And it was fun, it was a journey, but it was tough at times. It’s like that anytime you’re doing something new.”

LEGO CITY Missions is staying digital-only
LEGO CITY Missions appeared online two years ago

Collaboration between different departments at the LEGO Group is likely essential for a project like this, which aims to combine digital technology and physical play. For an explanation and guide to Missions, you can read our review of 60353 Wild Animal Rescue Missions to find out more.

Based on the quality of the experience that LEGO CITY Missions provides, it seems that this new process in development has paid off in the final product.

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