LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31129 Majestic Tiger mysteriously vanishes from sale

LEGO Creator 31129 Majestic Tiger – one of 2022’s best sets – has mysteriously disappeared from in the UK.

Clicking through to the official online store for that particular product page in the UK now only returns a 404 error, accompanied by the message: “Sorry, we can’t find that page! Don’t worry though, everything is STILL AWESOME!” It doesn’t seem especially awesome for anyone hoping to pick up the colourful 3-in-1 set at the moment, however.

And there’s good reason to be shopping right now, too, as 40530 Jane Goodall Tribute is currently free with orders above £120 / $120 / €120. If you’re in North America, mainland Europe, Australia or basically anywhere else in the world, you’re all good: 31129 Majestic Tiger is still alive and kicking at, either for immediate delivery or on back order depending on your region.

LEGO Creator 31129 Majestic Tiger 404 error

If you’re in the UK, though, there’s currently no way to order the 755-piece Creator set from the official online store. Searching for the product number brings up nothing, suggesting the product page has been deleted altogether from the UK storefront. We’ve reached out to the LEGO Group to find out what’s going on, but fingers crossed someone’s just flipped the wrong switch in the back end.

Given the set is still available everywhere else, it’s hard to believe the LEGO Group would intentionally remove 31129 Majestic Tiger from sale in the UK and the UK alone – unless there’s been particular controversy over its anatomical accuracy on British shores, that is…

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