LEGO Disney summer set introduces new animal piece

Another LEGO Disney summer set has been revealed, unveiling a new animal piece that should please fans of the LEGO goat. 

10775 Mickey & Donald’s Farm has been revealed by the LEGO Group’s online instructions database, giving us our first look at the upcoming Mickey Mouse model. 

Just in case you couldn’t tell by the set name, several farm-themed builds are included such as some fences, a barn and a tractor. The minifigures are undoubtedly the highlight of the 4+ set though, with new Mickey and Donald Duck minifigures as well as a horse, chicken, rabbit and one other LEGO animal. 

LEGO Disney 10775

Those who have been waiting for the LEGO goat to return will be at least somewhat pleased to see that the LEGO Group has created a piece for a similar creature. The very first sheep brick has made its way into the minifigure-scale collection of animal elements. 

It might not be the grand comeback of the goat that fans have been waiting for but for builders of farm displays, the sheep piece will undoubtedly be an excellent addition to your LEGO livestock. 

Whilst an exact release date or price for this set hasn’t been confirmed, it will likely release alongside the other Disney summer builds which were recently revealed.   

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