LEGO VIP Weekend Dragon Adventure Ride reward still available

The LEGO VIP Weekend 2022 may be over, but the Dragon Adventure VIP reward is still available, with another Bricktober build coming soon.

The first Bricktober 2022 set to be widely released over the recent LEGO VIP Weekend is still available days after its initial launch. Dragon Adventure Ride can still be redeemed by LEGO VIP members for 2,400 points.

Bricktober 2022 buildWide release
Dragon Adventure RideLEGO VIP Weekend
Pirate Adventure RideBlack Friday
Space Adventure RideNot Yet
Fantasy Adventure RideNot Yet

This continued availability comes after the reveal that the Pirate Adventure Ride will also be available starting on Black Friday on November 25, indicating that the Space and Fantasy models could see a wide release in the future too to complete the collection.

With double VIP points being offered during the past weekend, as well as quintuple points on select sets, you may have enough points for one or both of the LEGO Bricktober 2022 models. It’s worth noting that the quintuple points deal is returning for Black Friday too, in case you need any more credit.

The Dragon Adventure Ride still being in stock is notable compared to the release of the Ulysses Space Probe reward which sold out quickly after its two separate launches.

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