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Here’s a full round-up of everything to expect from Black Friday in 2021 across and third-party retailers in the UK and US, including free gifts, discounts, bonus VIP points and more.

LEGO Black Friday discounts

Black Friday is often headlined at by a range of discounts across the entire portfolio of LEGO sets, including retiring and direct-to-consumer products. Last year saw 20% slashed off 75244 Tantive IV, 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van and 853967 Wooden Minifigure, all of which have since retired from production.

This year could see equally generous discounts on sets that are due to leave shelves in 2021, making these Black Friday LEGO deals the perfect opportunity to work through your wish list before it’s too late.

LEGO gifts-with-purchase

The LEGO Group rarely lets a Black Friday shopping event pass by without offering up a few freebies. Last year, orders of £150 / $150 qualified for 40410 Charles Dickens Tribute, worth £20.99 / $20.99, while orders of £200 / $200 during the previous VIP Weekend received a bonus 5006291 2×4 Teal Brick set worth £11.99 / $11.99, some of the best Black Friday LEGO deals for a while.

LEGO double VIP points

Last year’s VIP Weekend – which ran a week before the LEGO Black Friday offers – brought us double VIP points for an entire weekend. Double points is equivalent to 10% cashback to spend on future purchases or exclusive rewards, which is twice the normal rate, and effectively the best discount you’ll find on most of the LEGO Group’s exclusive sets.

We don’t know yet whether double VIP points will run across either the Black Friday weekend or any potential VIP Weekend in 2021, but it’s a relatively safe assumption based on last year.

Rare LEGO gifts-with-purchase and promotional products

The LEGO Group usually comes through with special gifts-with-purchase and promotional sets as part of their Black Friday LEGO deals. These are typically given away for free with qualifying orders, but are only available in limited quantities – offering an even better incentive to shop at over the Black Friday period.

LEGO Star Wars Black Friday deals

Black Friday is typically a great time to buy those wildly expensive LEGO Star Wars sets you’ve had your eye on, mainly thanks to the discounts, bonus VIP points and free gifts the LEGO Group generally offers over the event weekend. Indeed, Star Wars is one of the best themes to stock up on with Black Friday LEGO deals.

This year’s LEGO Black Friday period could be even better for LEGO Star Wars fans, too, as 75313 AT-AT – the second Ultimate Collector Series set in 2021, and the biggest version of the Imperial walker yet – is rumoured to launch on November 26.

LEGO Harry Potter Black Friday deals

Since returning to LEGO Store shelves in 2018, Harry Potter has really only been second to Star Wars in terms of enormous sets targeted first and foremost towards adults. First there was 71043 Hogwarts Castle; then last year brought us 75978 Diagon Alley; and finally, 2021 has brought us 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition.

Any of those products could potentially see discounts or incentives across Black Friday, as could any other Harry Potter LEGO sets – including this summer’s 20th anniversary range. It could be the perfect opportunity to grab those coveted golden minifigures, or expand your burgeoning modular Hogwarts display.

LEGO Super Mario Black Friday deals

The LEGO Super Mario theme is no stranger to discounts through third-party retailers, but we’re yet to see much in the way of offers from the LEGO Group itself. LEGO Black Friday will hopefully offer the opportunity to jump on board this interactive theme at a discounted rate, while also racking up LEGO VIP points (and qualifying for gifts-with-purchase) in the process.

LEGO NINJAGO Black Friday deals

Currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, NINJAGO has enjoyed a prosperous year of brand new sets, tie-in merchandise and even an enormous direct-to-consumer exclusive in 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens. The LEGO Group may decide to turn up the dial on those celebrations come Black Friday by offering discounts across a range of NINJAGO sets.

LEGO Batman Black Friday deals

It’s been generally quiet on the LEGO DC front this year, but no matter: Batman isn’t going anywhere, and there’s still plenty available from previous years that could see a tasty discount come Black Friday. Last summer’s sets look ripe for sales, for instance, while this year’s shopping event could also be your very last chance to pick up the retiring 76139 1989 Batmobile.

LEGO Millennium Falcon Black Friday deals

Will the ever-present LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon – which has been a mainstay on shelves since 2017 – finally retire in 2021? Not according to Brick Fanatics sources, which suggest it’ll still be going strong well into 2022. But that doesn’t mean the LEGO Group won’t try to tempt those of us still holding out on the monolith with some kind of LEGO Star Wars Black Friday discount, while even double VIP points alone would represent a significant slice of cashback to spend on future purchases and exclusive rewards. For anyone biding their time

LEGO Marvel / LEGO Avengers Black Friday deals

From games and movies to advent calendars and all the usual exciting buildable sets, these are exciting times in the LEGO Marvel Universe. The LEGO Black Friday 2021 sale is set to increase the excitement, especially if last year’s anything to go by. LEGO Marvel and LEGO Avengers provided the highest number of discounted sets in 2020, with great deals on 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor, 76149 The Menace of Mysterio, 76150 Spiderjet vs. Venom Mech and more, so this theme could see plenty of Black Friday LEGO deals this time around.

LEGO CITY Black Friday deals

LEGO CITY was another popular collection in last year’s LEGO Black Friday offerings, with sets such as 60197 Passenger Train and 60233 Donut Shop Opening dropping in price. Perhaps this year we might see discounts on 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship or 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp, potentially with the chance to pick up some double LEGO VIP points at the same time. 

LEGO Technic Black Friday deals

LEGO Technic sets are perfect for those with engineering blood and the George Stephensons of the future. It may be too soon for great new arrivals such as 42128 Heavy-duty Tow Truck and 42129 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck to see their prices slashed too dramatically, but we can always live in hope. Either way, we’re more than likely to see some LEGO Technic Black Friday deals, with last year’s tempters including 42082 Rough Terrain Crane and 42098 Car Transporter

LEGO Jurassic World Black Friday deals

It’s been an exciting year for LEGO Jurassic World, what with the release of sets including 76939 Stygimoloch Dinosaur Escape and 76940 T. rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition. Whether you get the chance to add a great new build to your collection or build up your LEGO VIP points through a Black Friday purchase, there are also lots of familiar faces to look out for in the Jurassic World minifigure range, as well as some new ones too. 

LEGO Friends Black Friday deals

After the release of 18 new LEGO Friends sets in the summer, this collection is where it’s at right now. We’re expecting some enticing discounts in this year’s LEGO Friends Black Friday deals, building on last year’s offerings which included 41433 Party Boat and 41337 Underwater Loop. Whether you love 41441 Horse Training and Trailer, 41685 Magical Funfair Roller Coaster or 41693 Surfer Beachfront the most, this is a collection worth keeping an eye on. 

LEGO Minecraft Black Friday deals

Minecraft often flies under the radar among the wider LEGO portfolio, but that hasn’t stopped the LEGO Group from continually and consistently delivering quality sets in the video game-inspired theme. Several of those could pop up among this year’s Black Friday LEGO deals, including 21151 The End Battle and 21152 The Pirate Ship Adventure, both of which are retiring in 2021.

LEGO Mandalorian Black Friday deals

Following a tentative start in 75254 AT-ST Raider, the LEGO Group has gone full ham on Star Wars: The Mandalorian over the past 12 months. The avalanche of Mando sets kicked off with 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport in 2020, and has since been followed up by plenty more across 2021. Of all those, we’d expect 75254 AT-ST Raider to see the biggest discounts for LEGO Black Friday.

Be sure to check back on this page before, during and after Black Friday – the LEGO Group often releases early-bird Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, so it really is a great time of the year to be buying LEGO!

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