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Cyber Monday LEGO Brick Fanatics

The annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping bonanza is almost upon us. Here we focus on the latter, as we look ahead to what we can expect from this year’s Cyber Monday LEGO deals. But first, it’s worth asking why exactly we’re getting so excited here at Brick Fanatics, and what date you need to put in your calendar to ensure you get the best Cyber Monday LEGO deals. 

What is Cyber Monday?

Quite simply, Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. It comes on the Monday after American Thanksgiving, focusing on e-commerce rather than Black Friday’s traditional focus on in-store purchases. This is essentially the main difference when you think of Black Friday vs Cyber Monday, although the two events have merged together over time to form one long weekend of incredible shopping deals and discounts. In fact, Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals often last for longer than the weekend, with some offers and discounts available through the whole of November. 

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

With Thanksgiving in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, Cyber Monday also comes the week after this. As such, the Cyber Monday date in 2021 falls on Monday, November 29. That’s not too far away at all, so it’s time to start looking ahead to the kind of 2021 Cyber Monday LEGO deals we can hope to expect. 

Cyber Monday LEGO sale is usually packed with great discounts during the Cyber Monday sales, with lots of different collections and sets often available for lower prices or with attractive incentives. If you’re looking to add to your LEGO collection, the Cyber Monday LEGO sale is the perfect opportunity to pick up some great bargains. 

These can be on certain sets that are being discontinued, or if there’s a promotional aspect within a specific collection. Last year saw a range of sets slashed by 20%, providing a huge saving on the regular price. One of the most popular of these was 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van, as well as 75244 Tantive IV and 853967 Wooden Minifigure

There were also some great Amazon Cyber Monday deals on LEGO, with last year’s shopping event delivering huge discounts of up to 34% on LEGO Art and Hidden Side sets. This year we expect to see similar levels of discounts, with the LEGO Group serving up some of the best Cyber Monday deals UK retailers have to offer. 

LEGO double VIP points

In 2020, LEGO VIP Weekend ran the week before Black Friday-Cyber Monday, giving us the chance to earn double LEGO VIP points for a whole weekend. Effectively handing us 10% cashback on our purchases, it allowed us to make even bigger savings on some of the most exclusive LEGO sets, both on Cyber Monday and beyond. 

Not only that, but one of the best Cyber Monday deals last year saw the LEGO Group offer half price LEGO VIP discount vouchers. Perfect for those who’d been hoarding their LEGO VIP points, you could pick up a £20 discount voucher for just 1,600 points, which at half the usual cost was equivalent to redeeming a £10 voucher. Fingers crossed for more amazing Cyber Monday deals like that this time around.

LEGO gifts-with-purchase

There are few things better than sizeable discounts and double LEGO VIP points. Freebies are great too though. Cyber Monday offers are rarely complete without the chance to pick up an exciting LEGO gift-with-purchase. 40410 Charles Dickens Tribute was the star of the show last year. Worth £20.99 / $20.99, it came free with orders of £150 / $150 or more. Other promotional products are often available as part of LEGO’s Cyber Monday deals, so keep an eye out for what’s happening in 2021. 

LEGO Harry Potter Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Harry Potter 75978 Diagon Alley

As one of the LEGO Group’s biggest and best sellers since returning in 2018, Harry Potter is incredibly popular – even among adults, thanks to sets including 71043 Hogwarts Castle, 75978 Diagon Alley, and this year’s newly-released 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition

We’d be over the moon if any of those Harry Potter LEGO sets saw a discount for Cyber Monday, along with other offerings based around the boy wizard. It would be quite something if the summer’s 20th anniversary range is discounted, or if you’re able to add to your modular Hogwarts display or golden minifigure collection for a reduced price. 

LEGO Star Wars Cyber Monday deals

There’s no hiding the fact that the LEGO Star Wars collection contains some of the priciest builds around. Yet those expansive sets with thousands of pieces – such as the newly-released 75309 Republic Gunship – can suddenly become much more obtainable over the Cyber Monday extravaganza. From bonus VIP points to free gifts and outright discounts, this is often the best time of year to splash out on that LEGO Star Wars set you’ve been dreaming about.

Better still, there’s a chance the much-anticipated and heavily-rumoured 75313 AT-AT will be released over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. As potentially the biggest incarnation of the Imperial walker to date, this would be the second Ultimate Collector Series set to be released this year, and one we simply cannot wait for.

LEGO Millennium Falcon Cyber Monday deals

We have every reason to believe that the stellar 75192 Millennium Falcon will remain a key part of the LEGO Star Wars collection in 2022. If not, there’s a very high chance it’ll be sent into retirement on the back of huge Cyber Monday reductions. Even if that’s not the case, it’s still possible the iconic set will attract some sort of incentive to tempt those of us who haven’t splashed out yet to add it to our collections. Just the chance to build up your VIP points could prove enough to justify the purchase. 

LEGO Mandalorian Cyber Monday deals

The past year has been huge for LEGO and Star Wars: The Mandalorian. 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport got the party started towards the back end of 2020, and it’s been non-stop since then. We’re tipping 75254 AT-ST Raider for the best Cyber Monday discounts this year. 

LEGO Marvel / LEGO Avengers Cyber Monday deals

The LEGO Marvel Universe is a hotbed of activity right now. As well as our favourite buildable sets, there are movies, games and even advent calendars setting pulses racing. Last year’s LEGO Cyber Monday event saw the most discounts on Marvel and Avengers sets, including 76150 Spiderjet vs. Venom Mech, 76149 The Menace of Mysterio and 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armour. 2021 could be just as exciting. 

LEGO NINJAGO Cyber Monday deals

With 10th-anniversary celebrations currently catapulting NINJAGO into the limelight, there’s every chance the collection could be a centrepiece of this year’s Cyber Monday event. We’d love to see some discounts on 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens, while this could also be the time to take advantage of recent NINJAGO Legacy sets, including the incredible 71738 Zane’s Titan Mech Battle and the surprisingly brilliant 71742 Overlord Dragon.

LEGO Batman Cyber Monday deals

LEGO DC Batman 76139 1989 Batmobile lifestyle 1 resized featured

LEGO DC hasn’t been the subject of massive promotions so far this year, but that may well prove a precursor to some old favourites attracting some Cyber Monday deals. That includes 76139 1989 Batmobile, with the LEGO Group potentially using the event to sell off any remaining stock before it heads into retirement by the end of 2021.

LEGO Super Mario Cyber Monday deals

The LEGO Group has been reluctant to offer sweeping discounts on LEGO Super Mario, with third-party retailers usually best for grabbing a bargain on the theme. Perhaps this year’s Cyber Monday event will see a change of direction in this respect, potentially allowing us to build up some extra LEGO VIP points and qualify for some gifts-with-purchase at the same time.

LEGO Jurassic World Cyber Monday deals

Following the recent release of sets such as 76940 T. rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition and 76939 Stygimoloch Dinosaur Escape, it’s been a terrific year for LEGO Jurassic World. The 2021 LEGO Cyber Monday event could give us the chance to pick up some new faces in the Jurassic World minifigure range, or to boost our VIP points haul. 

LEGO Technic Cyber Monday deals

It’s also been an exciting time for LEGO Technic of late. 42129 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck and 42128 Heavy-duty Tow Truck are brilliant new additions, while 2020’s LEGO Cyber Monday offers delivered excellent savings on 42098 Car Transporter, 42082 Rough Terrain Crane and 42097 Compact Crawler Crane. Hopefully the LEGO Group engineers some more great savings on this builder-friendly theme this time round. 

LEGO Friends Cyber Monday deals

This summer saw the release of 18 new sets, making LEGO Friends a hot topic of conversation at present. Last year, 41337 Underwater Loop and 41433 Party Boat were among the discounted sets on Cyber Monday, and we anticipate plenty more attention on this theme in 2021. The LEGO Group could do a lot worse than heavily discounting sets such as 41693 Surfer Beachfront, 41685 Magical Funfair Roller Coaster and 41441 Horse Training and Trailer

LEGO CITY Cyber Monday deals

As one of 2020’s most exciting collections over Black Friday-Cyber Monday, LEGO CITY is another theme to keep an eye on this time round. Whether or not you snapped up 60233 Donut Shop Opening and 60197 Passenger Train last year, 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp and 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship would be two sets we wouldn’t mind saving on in 2021. Either way, LEGO CITY offers could be a great way to take advantage of double LEGO VIP points over Cyber Monday.

LEGO Minecraft Cyber Monday deals

Inspired by the popular video game, LEGO Minecraft actually has a larger following than you may have thought. The LEGO Group could pursue this avenue more keenly with some exciting Cyber Monday deals, with 21152 The Pirate Ship Adventure and 21151 The End Battle two sets destined for retirement that could attract some strong discounts. 

Cyber Monday is a really exciting time in the LEGO world, so make sure you check back for the latest news on what’s happening over the coming weeks. From early-bird offers to last-minute discounts, there’ll be lots of exciting LEGO Cyber Monday deals to get your teeth into while boosting either your own collection or that of a loved one. 

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