LEGO Hidden Side will continue into 2020

LEGO Hidden Side does not launch until August 2019, but one of the LEGO experts behind the theme has already confirmed that it will continue into 2020.

Following the Brick Fanatics interview with LEGO Hidden Side Senior Product Lead Murray Andrews, Brickset has gleaned some information from the man behind the upcoming AR enhanced LEGO theme. It turns out that this theme will see new sets introduced next year, following the first wave that will arrive later this year.

“…the range is launching in August but we already have plans to release new sets next year. We cannot reveal very much at the moment but some exciting additions to the augmented reality are in development and we expect to provide further information as 2020 draws nearer, relating to the sets, the app and the story of Hidden Side,” he explained.

It is very unusual for a theme to be confirmed for multiple years, especially with many only seeing one batch of sets released. It may be that Murray was keen to let fans know that the app will be updated over time to offer new experiences:

“We also want to continue expanding the experience by introducing more ghosts and special events after the product launch. For instance, we might unleash a new group of ghosts across the range to coincide with Hallowe’en, hopefully prolonging digital play in the same way that physical LEGO sets can be enjoyed for a long period of time.”

LEGO Hidden Side Brickset interview

LEGO Hidden Side sets will launch on August 1, 2019.

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