LEGO Creator Expert 10265 Ford Mustang GT printed element issue

Anecdotal reports suggest that there is an issue with some of the printed elements in LEGO Creator Expert 10265 Ford Mustang GT.

LEGO Creator Expert 10265 Ford Mustang launched earlier this month to much excitement, with the set praised for capturing the iconic American muscle car. While the model itself is earning plaudits from fans, some of the printed pieces are not.

PromoBricks reports that the website’s copy featured unevenly printed elements, with dark blue 2×2 curved tiles not having the white stripe dead centre – so creating an uneven line. Readers of the website have reported even less successful examples.

After contacting LEGO customer service, members of the PromoBricks team received the following responses:

I am really sorry that you are so unhappy with the printed strips on the set. Would you be so nice and would I take pictures of it? The staggered stripes are known to us and our quality team is currently looking over it. Images would really help us a lot. However, these stripes should not be blurred. If you wish, I can send you single-color plates so you can replace the staggered strips. In addition, I can also send you new plates with the white stripes, but that will not solve the staggered stripes, but at least then you have a clean print.

Although it can be clearly seen that the prints do not match by part and I can understand very well that you are anything but happy, this is not a misprint and unfortunately a replacement of the parts would not help, you would have same problem then again. However, our Quality Department is working on a solution to the problem (in the form of new parts or maybe even stickers), once a solution has been found it will be publicly available on our website.

It has been confirmed by the LEGO Community team that this response is actually incorrect – while feedback will help the company learn how to improve future products, no solution is being looked into for 10265 Ford Mustang.

10265 Ford Mustang is available now at You can help support Brick Fanatics’ work by using our affiliate links.


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