LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets available now

The latest wave of LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Super Mario

$24.99 at BUY NOW
$35.99 at BUY NOW
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sets is now available to buy from and in LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Stores, including three new expansions based on Luigi’s Mansion.

71397 Luigi’s Mansion Lab and Poltergust, 71399 Luigi’s Mansion Entryway and 71401 Luigi’s Mansion Haunt-and-Seek all deliver new content geared specifically around the green-suited plumber, although the digital Mario figure is obviously also compatible with their brand new functions and enemies.

Among those are the Poltergust, which includes a unique outfit that you’ll need to capture any of the ghosts and ghouls across the three sets. Build a course and try to defeat them without it, and Luigi (or Mario) will be temporarily stunned. You can read more about how the Poltergust works – and the extra gameplay it brings to the series – by clicking here.

LEGO Super Mario 71402 Character Packs Series 4 lifestyle 2 featured

Also available from today are two new beach-focused sets and a brand new series of blind-bagged character packs, with 10 new enemies to incorporate into your LEGO Super Mario

$24.99 at BUY NOW
$35.99 at BUY NOW
$44.99 at BUY NOW
$79.99 at BUY NOW
level – including Freezie, Mechakoopa and Stingby.

Hit the links below to check out all the LEGO Super Mario 2022 sets available now, along with our reviews where applicable: 

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71402 Character Packs – Series 4

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