LEGO Minecraft finally adds brick missing for over a decade in 2023

LEGO Minecraft finally rights one of the theme’s biggest wrongs in 2023 with the addition of a single piece that has been missing for over a decade.


Within the seven upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets, there are several new elements specific to the theme including the frog in 21240 The Swamp Adventure and the Shulker shells in 21242 The End Arena.

However, one fresh brick stands out from the rest for filling in a gap that has been present since the start of LEGO Minecraft. Inside 21241 The Bee Cottage, the very first LEGO Minecraft hoe element can be found. While many of Minecraft’s various tools, both old and new, have been recreated in LEGO sets, the hoe has been missing from the theme despite being one of the oldest tools in the game.

21241 alt3

Admittedly, the hoe doesn’t have many uses, mostly limited to farming in Minecraft so it makes some sense to avoid making an entirely new element for the item as the LEGO Minecraft design team did for the other tools. Thankfully, the days of waiting for a LEGO Minecraft hoe are nearly over as what appears to be an iron variant is included in 21241 The Bee Cottage to fulfil your farming needs.

21241 The Bee Cottage is one of seven upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets releasing on January 1, 2023, the rest of which you can read about by checking out our initial report.

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