Which LEGO modular building will retire next? – January 2022

Want to know which LEGO modular building to aim for next? Here’s a handy guide to when each one is scheduled to retire – and which one you should buy before the year’s out.


Maybe you’ve bought one or two modular buildings and are now keen to keep the collection going, but don’t know which to prioritise first. Or maybe you’re a seasoned AFOL who’s finally decided to take the plunge into the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection, starting with the newly-released 10297 Boutique Hotel.

Or maybe – just maybe – you’re among those newly-awakened adult fans who’ve never built a LEGO set before, but are now realising just how cool, fun, relaxing, cool, creative and cool (did we mention cool?) this hobby can be. No matter how you’re approaching the modular buildings, it can be tricky to determine exactly which sets in the subtheme are still available, and what order to buy them in.

No worries, though: we’ve got you covered. What follows is a definitive list of all the LEGO modular buildings currently available to purchase through official channels, along with how soon each one is expected to retire. So if you’ve just picked up 10297 Boutique Hotel and want to know where to go from here, read on…

10255 Assembly Square (2017)

LEGO Creator Expert 10255 Assembly Square lifestyle resized featured

The largest LEGO modular building to date is also the oldest currently available on the market. 10255 Assembly Square originally arrived in 2017 to celebrate 10 years of modular buildings, incorporating plenty of narrative and architectural references to its predecessors across its 4,002 pieces. It’s also the only modular building to sit across an extended 48×32-stud base, with the rest coming in at 32×32.

All that said, it’s probably not the one you should aim for first: it may seem counter-intuitive, but 10255 Assembly Square is actually scheduled to hang around on shelves beyond the sets that came after it. It’s already outlasted 10260 Downtown Diner (2018) and 10264 Corner Garage (2019), and according to Brick Fanatics’ sources, it’ll still be available in 2023 – long after 10270 Bookshop has retired.

10270 Bookshop (2020)

LEGO Creator Expert 10270 Bookshop featured

Did we mention a bookshop? This autumnal set is split across two separate 16×32 buildings, comprising a book store and town house respectively. It’s not the most complex of all the modular buildings – possibly because so many of its 2,504 pieces are required for creating the structure of its additional walls – but it’s still an attractive and colourful addition to any street.

And if you do have your eye on 10270 Bookshop, you’ll want to make a beeline for it as soon as possible: it’s currently destined to retire by the end of 2022, which will make it the next modular building to leave shelves for good. If you want them all, prioritise this one first – and in the meantime, check out our review here.

10278 Police Station (2021)

LEGO for Adults 10278 Police Station featured resized

Conversely, last year’s 10278 Police Station isn’t due to retire until the end of 2024, so you’ve got plenty of time to pick up the 2,923-piece building. It’s a brilliant first representation of a police station through the lens of the modular building aesthetic, standing head and shoulders (literally) above most of its contemporaries.

It’s also more than just a police station, cramming in an eight-wide doughnut shop and newspaper stand to really bring the entire build to life. It also facilitates the set’s narrative of a thief stealing pastries, if you’re into the story elements of the modular buildings. Head here for our full verdict on 10278 Police Station.

10297 Boutique Hotel (2022)

LEGO for Adults 10297 Boutique Hotel 39

The 15th modular building has only just launched, so you won’t be surprised to learn it’s also the one you can safely wait to buy while catching up on the rest. At the time of writing, it’s scheduled to stay on shelves until at least the end of 2025, but the LEGO Group could always keep it around even longer than that, given it’s as much a celebration of the rest of the theme as 10255 Assembly Square.

That’s because 10297 Boutique Hotel (review) is absolutely jam-packed with references to all previous 16 buildings – some great, and some tenuous – making it a real meta delight for veteran collectors. Be warned, though: it just might prompt you to turn to the aftermarket for all those sets you missed out on, and that can be an expensive (if totally worthwhile) rabbit hole to fall down.               

Remember, the retirement dates for all four current modular buildings are subject to change at the LEGO Group’s discretion, but keep an eye on Brick Fanatics across the year for regular updates on which one is scheduled to disappear next.

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