LEGO NINJAGO making waves as Season 15 poster revealed

The next season of LEGO NINJAGO hasn’t quite arrived yet, but it seems that a new poster is already giving us our first look at Season 15 of the long-running theme. 

The world of NINJAGO will soon be expanding as a new and uncharted island is introduced for the team to explore, along with numerous sets to accompany the 14th season, or third depending on what you consider canon. However, the chapter that will follow has already been revealed.

A poster showcasing the 15th season of the show was reportedly revealed on the LEGO Life App, before being spotted by LEGO YouTuber Bricks by Mind. So, we won’t tease you any longer, here is the first glimpse at LEGO NINJAGO’s Season 15 poster.

NINJAGO season 15 poster

It appears that the ninjas will be heading deep into the oceans of NINJAGO later this year in an action-packed adventure beneath the waves. It’s a topic that only a few themes have explored before, with LEGO City being the latest to dive into ocean exploration. However, Atlantis is an even older theme that also saw a team of heroes battling underwater enemies, perhaps we’ll see a reference or two. 

At the top of the poster, the six ninjas can be seen mid-dive, with Lloyd, Jay and Zane wearing new suits that seem to resemble Scuba gear. Nya is positioned in the middle with glowing blue eyes, potentially hinting that she might be the focus for the upcoming season. 

While there may not be much to go off at the moment, we do know at least one of the sets that will release alongside the new episodes, as revealed in a Rebuild the World ad. 

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