Set descriptions surface for rumoured LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog theme

An entire new LEGO theme based on Sonic the Hedgehog has been rumoured since as far back as December, but now we finally have descriptions for the sets.

Update: Lego_minecraft_goat has since confirmed that these descriptions are false as part of an early post for April Fool’s Day.

Reportedly releasing this August, the Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO theme is said to feature a ball to put figures inside of and a launcher of some kind that will send the ball rolling (in a manner that will surely evoke Sonic’s spin dash) through a customizable course system. Unlike LEGO Super Mario, another popular video game theme, this theme will be minifigure-scale and (as far as we know) will not feature a digital game component.

Thanks to lego_minecraft_goat on Instagram, we have an idea of what some of these sets might have in them.

76990 [Chemical Plant]

Price: $29.99 Pieces: 292 Release date: August 2023

This set is described as a ‘chemical plant’ and features four ‘platforms,’ which is a term used throughout these reports as a staple of the theme. If the rumours of a customizable course system are true, it’s likely that these platforms could be interchangeable sections of the play feature.

One of the platforms is a launcher to get your Sonic minifigure going, and another platform has a sign post on it. This set is said to include one minifigure and two brick-built enemies.

76991 [Plane]

Price: $39.99 Pieces: 367 Release date: August 2023

The only information about this set is that it’s set in a desert location and includes a plane. It’s safe to assume that this will be the Tornado, Sonic’s iconic red biplane. Sonic’s ally Tails is often seen piloting the Tornado, so there’s a high likelihood that he will be included as a minifigure for the first time in this set.

76992 [Green Hill Zone]

Price: $49.99 Pieces: 388 Release date: August 2023

This set is referred to as Green Hill Zone, even though the existing Sonic LEGO Ideas set already uses this name. This set also features a launcher and six platforms, one has a signpost once again and another represents the iconic Green Hill Zone loop. The Eggmobile, Doctor Robotnik’s vehicle that he uses in the Ideas set, is also included with a wrecking ball. Two minifigures are included, and the source mentions brick-built enemies and Robotnik as likely but unconfirmed inclusions.

It’s interesting that the description of this set sounds so similar to an existing LEGO set that is still currently available, albeit with far fewer pieces. This theme is clearly aimed towards kids, so it may not be too odd to have an 18+ version for adult collectors and a playable version for younger fans available at the same time.

76993 [TBC]

Price: $59.99 Pieces: 615 Release date: August 2023

The newest batch of rumours had no update on this set, but we do know the price and piece count. If you have any guesses as to what it might be, let us know in the comments!

76992 [Death Egg Robot Battle]

Price: $99.99 Pieces: 802 Release date: August 2023

This set, called Death Egg Robot Battle, properly features the titular Death Egg Robot, a large mech suit used by Robotnik. The source claims the mech itself is similar in size to 76248 Hulkbuster: The Battle of Wakanda – a nice-looking and well-sized mech that would still leave lots of parts left over for the rest of the builds in this set.

The rest of this set includes five small platforms, five medium platforms, and two large platforms. One of the platforms once again features a loop, and a launcher is included. Reportedly a smaller version of the same plane from 76991 as well as an animal capsule will also be featured. Three minifigures are included, and the source mentions that they can’t be sure about any buildable enemies.

This information about the rumoured Sonic the Hedgehog theme is exciting to say the least. The interactive nature of these sets sounds like a lot of fun and the models seem like they will all feature some iconic vehicles and locations from the games. There are still BrickHeadz rumoured to be coming to the theme later as well.

The theme does seem slightly repetitive, though, with lots of the same features and objects being used across multiple sets. We’ll have to wait to see actual images of the sets to determine how this will really affect the theme, though.

As always, these rumours are just that – rumours. So take all of this with a grain of salt!

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