LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog theme rumoured with five sets

Sonic the Hedgehog’s LEGO Ideas set may have only been the beginning as rumours of a full LEGO theme based on the game have surfaced. 

Over on Instagram in their stories, Promobricks are reporting that Sonic the Hedgehog is getting five new LEGO sets in the future following the initial LEGO Ideas set and a brief outing in LEGO Dimensions. 

The following five LEGO sets are reported in the rumour: 

Rumoured LEGO setPricePieces
76990 $29.99 292 
76991 $39.99 TBC 
76992 $49.99 TBC 
76993 $59.99 TBC 
76994 $99.99 TBC 

Though no details of a date are given in the original post, they may be coming later in 2023 though that is currently unconfirmed as part of the rumour. 


Sonic the Hedgehog currently has a series streaming on Netflix – Sonic Prime – and a recent game release more in-line with the franchise’s origins, Sonic Frontiers. 

In 2022, 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone was released but this wasn’t the first sign of the Blue Blur in LEGO form as a minifigure and two builds, as well as a digital level and world, featured as part of the second year of LEGO Dimensions. 

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Earlier today, rumours of a LEGO video game theme codenamed ‘lemon’ featuring 76990 with 292 pieces surfaced, and provided this rumour is accurate it appears that Sonic the Hedgehog is the latest LEGO theme. 

We’ve only had Sonic and Doctor Eggman in brick-built form at this time, but a full theme could be a chance to explore other characters from the franchise including Tails, Shadow and a lot more. Much of these characters have been depicted in bricks digitally in LEGO Dimensions, as documented by TheRealSonicFan’s walkthrough of the level. 

For now, this is only a rumour and as such, it should be taken with caution until officially confirmed by the LEGO Group. In the meantime, 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone is still available but the LEGO Dimensions pack has long since retired. 

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