LEGO Star Wars 75182 Republic Fighter Tank review

Never one to let a marketable Star Wars vehicle go to waste, the LEGO Group has mined the saga’s lore  for a second crack at the Republic Fighter Tank

Price: £19.99 / $29.99 / €29.99 Pieces: 305 Available: Now

The LEGO Group has often gone beyond the movie Star Wars universe, but of late such sets have veered more towards Rebels that the animated series that preceded it, The Clone Wars. 75185 Republic Fighter Tank is based on The Clone Wars, with the design having originated a few years prior in Star Wars Battlefront.


What immediately stands out about this set is its value for money. For a very reasonable sum, the set includes four minifigures including, for only the second time ever, Aayla Secura who last appeared as part of 8098 Clone Turbo Tank in 2010. Considering 8098 was that year’s flagship Star Wars set, seeing such a desirable figure in an offering this inexpensive constitutes reason enough to snap it up. But this is more than just an expensive battle pack, the namesake tank, while not without its issues, is also a solid little model. A licensed set with over 300 pieces and four figures including a rare one is almost unheard of nowadays.


The reduced price point has resulted in a significant decrease in size for the tank from its previous incarnation. Accordingly, the level of accuracy has been reduced, most notably in terms of profile. Officially known as the TX-130 Saber Class Fighter Tank, both the previous LEGO version and the on-screen inspiration include a much taller gunner’s mount. 75182‘s version looks like its lone pilot did not check the clearance when driving into a parking garage leaving the top third of the vehicle in pieces at the entrance. However, that reduced height is the only noticeable inaccuracy besides the interior containing room only for one figure instead of the more accurate pilot and gunner combo. Colours, general shape, and armaments are relatively accurate and provide an immense amount of play value.

Like its predecessor, four small wheels barely stick out beneath the fuselage allowing the tank to roll easily along the floor at a very low profile. It is just the right height to mow down swathes of Battle Droids in the heat of battle. That speaks loudly to this set’s main appeal – play. AFOLs will mostly be interested in 75182 for the blue skinned Twilek, but beyond that it has little appeal. As a display piece it is lacking – the design was clearly meant for little hands to enthusiastically roll it across a bedroom floor wreaking havoc on Separatist armies. Thankfully at this price both groups will find it an easy and worthwhile purchase.

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