LEGO used in recreating Marvel’s Black Widow trailer

A selection of scenes from Marvel’s Black Widow have been rebuilt, showcasing the animated potential lying within the LEGO Group’s accompanying sets and minifigures.

Black Widow has now been released in cinemas and Disney+ across the world, meaning that the two LEGO Marvel models are finally relevant after a lengthy delay. One stop-motion animator has based their latest project on recreating some of the exciting moments using the classic LEGO animation format.

Brick FORCE Studios captured many of the action-packed scenes in bricks, specifically recreating the ‘Big Game Spot‘ for the movie, but be warned that there may still be some spoilers for the full film.

By using a combination of physical minifigures and rendered models, the filmmaker can give off a sense of scale and action, with even the special effects using LEGO pieces to simulate explosions.

The airborne Red Room base has also been recreated in a render, a set idea that we have already suggested, as well as various other characters for the movie not seen in the sets. These include the only missing member of Natasha’s minifigure family – Melina Vostokova – who was missing from 77905 Taskmaster’s Ambush where Red Guardian exclusively appeared.

Whilst 77905 Taskmaster’s Ambush is long gone from the official online store 76162 Black Widow’s Helicopter Chase does provide the two superhero sisters and a Taskmaster minifigure, although one is arguably more accurate than the other. This is far from the first movie trailer to be recreated in LEGO with Top Gun being another popular choice as a stop-motion video that has earned over 750,000 views.

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