LEGO Xtra 40376 Botanical Accessories review

LEGO Xtra 40376 Botanical Accessories offers caters to any keen gardener’s foliage needs, assuming they are willing to build rather than plant their flowers

Price: £3.99 / $3.99 / €3.99  Pieces: 32  Available: Now

LEGO Xtra continues to introduce new small accessory packs that do not offer full stand alone builds, but instead offer a few small pieces and mini builds that can enhance an existing display. Two new polybags launched this year, 40375 Sports Accessories (review) and 40376 Botanical Accessories.

LEGO Xtra 40376 Botanical Accessories 2

This LEGO Xtra polybag contains a couple of classic elements – small fir trees. These have been around for so long that they are now LEGO icons, although today they are made from sustainable plastic as part of the LEGO Group’s push to phase out traditional plastics.

A few other leaf and vegetation elements are included in green, as well as two orange leaves for autumnal scenes. Two large white leaf elements seem most appropriate for winter scenes.

There are two fence elements that are handy to have and two flower stem elements. The set contains red, pink and blue flowers, offering some variety.

Finally a few bricks go together to build a small tree, that can be changes for the seasons using the alternate leaf elements.

It is tough to know exactly what an accessory pack should offer, as by definition it will depend on the needs of the individual LEGO fan buying it. 40376 Botanical Accessories does not feel like great value for money, but the elements it contains are useful and will fit into a variety of settings. It is the sort of set that is perfect when there is a ‘spend £XX and get such-and-such free’ promotion for tipping an order over the threshold.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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