Initial list of upcoming UK LEGO set price increases revealed

A partial list of price rises affecting customers purchasing LEGO sets in the UK has been revealed, with at least 25 models affected.

There’s less than a month to go until the LEGO Group will raise its prices on a number of existing and new sets in select regions. The company had already rolled out the increase in the Americas and Asia-Pacific territories on August 1, 2022, whilst the rise will affect those in Europe and the Middle East from September 1.

The change was recently confirmed by the LEGO Group and the LEGO Ambassador Network, with US retailer Barnes & Noble increasing prices on dozens of sets by up to $70. The rise comes as a result of ‘increased raw material and operating costs’ for the LEGO Group, which is unfortunately being passed on to consumers.

We previously compiled a complete list of every LEGO set affected by the price hike in the US and now we can take a look at how one retailer is reflecting the increase in the UK. The Entertainer has already raised its prices on a number of existing sets, with the cost of several models being pushed up by 20%.

LEGO Batman 76240 Batmobile Tumbler 1

There are currently at least 25 such sets that have been affected, but it’s likely that more could be added over time. While some models listed by The Entertainer receive only slight price rises, 76240 Batmobile Tumbler leaps from £199.99 to £229.99, pushing the set up by £30 (or 15%). Here’s a full rundown of the sets that have increased in price at The Entertainer:

ThemeSet nameOld RRPNew RRPPrice increasePercentage change
Star Wars75324 Dark Trooper Attack£24.99£29.99£520%
Star Wars75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter£54.99£59.99£59%
Star Wars75327 Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet£54.99£59.99£59%
Star Wars75328 The Mandalorian Helmet£54.99£59.99£59%
Star Wars75330 Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama£69.99£79.99£1014%
Technic42128 Heavy-Duty Tow Truck£149.99£159.99£107%
Technic42130 BMW M 1000 RR£184.99£214.99£3016%
Technic42139 All-Terrain Vehicle£69.99£79.99£1014%
Batman76240 Batmobile Tumbler£199.99£229.99£3015%
LEGO Ideas21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone£59.99£69.99£1017%
Marvel76191 Infinity Gauntlet£74.99£79.99£57%
Marvel76206 Iron Man Figure£34.99£39.99£514%
Jurassic World76946 Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture£24.99£29.99£520%
Jurassic World76948 T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout£79.99£89.99£1013%
Jurassic World76949 Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack£114.99£119.99£54%
Disney76831 Zurg Battle£24.99£29.99£520%
Speed Champions76906 1970 Ferrari 512 M£17.99£19.99£211%
Speed Champions76907 Lotus Evija£17.99£19.99£211%
Speed Champions76908 Lamborghini Countach£17.99£19.99£211%
Speed Champions76910 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Aston Martin Vantage GT3£34.99£39.99£514%
CITY60205 Tracks£15.99£17.99£213%
CITY60238 Switch Tracks£15.99£17.99£213%
CITY60348 Lunar Roving Vehicle£24.99£29.99£520%
Minecraft21167 The Trading Post£17.99£19.99£211%
DUPLO10941 Mickey & Minnie Birthday Train£24.99£29.99£520%

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the upcoming price rises headed to the UK, Europe and the Middle East from September 1 and compile a full list of those sets affected by the increase.

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One thought on “Initial list of upcoming UK LEGO set price increases revealed

  • 01/09/2022 at 02:58

    Price increases just hit the UK site and they are brutal

    Boutique hotel 175 to 200
    Haunted house 220 to 260
    Tallneck 70 to 80
    Shuttle discovery 160 to 170
    NES 200 to 230

    Not everything went and smaller sets went up by only £5 normally but I just noticed these hefty hikes on some more expensive stuff I had been eyeing


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