Local LEGO activities planned for children on the autism spectrum

A series of “Building Space” sessions are being held in Bourne, Lincolnshire over the next few weeks, using LEGO bricks to encourage social interaction and development opportunities.

According to local newspaper the Rutland & Stamford Mercury, the company behind the sessions is Sortified, which specialises in providing tools to help strengthen communities. In this case, that tool is the Block Bus, the practical element of Alpha Inclusion – an organisation that aims to build communication skills among kids on the autism spectrum through the medium of LEGO bricks.

There are two separate Building Space sessions: one on Saturday April 27, and another on Saturday May 11. Both will run from 10 AM to 12 PM. On the afternoon following the second session, parents and professionals will be able to attend a training session to continue Alpha Inclusion’s work on their own time.

“People in Bourne told us that there were very few opportunities for children and young people on the autism spectrum in the area, so we worked with local people to design a project that looks at improving social interaction, and delivers a positive experience for those who get involved,” Sortified’s creative director, Richard Collins, told the Rutland & Stamford Mercury.

“While we have a lot of experience in this area, we thought there would be even more value from bringing in the experts from Alpha Inclusion to help us deliver a really exciting project for Bourne.”

Amy Eleftheriades, Director of Alpha Inclusion, said: “We are really looking forward to these sessions, meeting local people, and delivering some amazing outcomes, all of course while having loads of fun with LEGO.”

To book a place at either session, parents are advised to contact Lynne Jones-Wade on [email protected], or visit the website.

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