Man in possession of LEGO shaped sweets laced with THC is arrested

A suspect is being held for carrying LEGO shaped gummy sweets laced with THC in Kentucky.

It never ceases to amaze how similar stories can flow one after another, implying a trend that is merely down to coincidence. In the latest story that relates to illegal drugs, a 12 year old in Florida, USA is in trouble with law enforcement after giving classmatesat school LEGO shaped gummy sweets laced with THC, the Lexington Herald Reader reports.

On Friday night, a man with more than a pound of the sweets was arrested in Laurel County, Kentucky. Jeffrey Fortunato was stopped by the police after the car he was driving erratically. The deputy arresting smelled marijuana, arrested the suspect and discovered over one pound of the LEGO shaped gum sweets laced with THC along with a significant amount of cash and other illicit substances.

The suspect is now being held at the Laurel County Detention Center.

In recent weeks, stories have emerged of illegal substances being trafficked in LEGO boxes and THC being produced in the shape of LEGO bricks.

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