March picks for LEGO sets with double VIP points revealed

The monthly picks for LEGO sets that will be available with double VIP points throughout March have been revealed, including 31129 Majestic Tiger.

One of the brand new LEGO models that launched on March 1 is already available with double VIP points worldwide as part of the regular selection of builds to stock up your credit ahead of any future purchases.

The selection differs between regions for March but includes 41952 Big Message Board worldwide, 31129 Majestic Tiger in the UK and Europe and 10696 Medium Creative Brick Box in the US as a substitute for 31129 Majestic Tiger despite the set being on backorder and still available for purchase.

While those of you in the US may be disappointed that 31129 Majestic Tiger is not on double VIP points throughout March, remember that an upcoming event will apply the same deal to all purchases made on the official online store, including the substituted set.

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Lots of new sets were recently released on too, including a few that you might have overlooked.

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