More images of LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71029 Series 21 revealed

More images of LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71029 Series 21 have appeared online, offering a first look at the new smaller boxes.

The new series pares back the number of characters from 16 to 12, with the box size reduced in turn. Where previous series launched in boxes of 60, Series 21 will instead include just 36 minifigures per case. That should equal exactly three complete sets per case, except those that have been manually inspected during the quality control process.

The first images of those smaller boxes have now appeared online (via Promobricks). With only two rows of minifigures (compared to the usual three), they’ll certainly take up less space on store shelves, if that’s what the LEGO Group was gunning for.

The images also give us a peek at the packaging for the characters, which is in step with previous series. That means they’re still totally plastic, rather than the paper packaging the LEGO Group will be trialling from January. But as Brick Fanatics revealed in September, the company was never planning to use paper packaging for the Collectible Minifigures.

“We have tested minifigures in paper bags and we believe that the paper quality is not strong enough to be handled in the shops, so we are looking into alternatives for that,” the LEGO Group’s Sustainable Materials Director Anne Boye-Møller confirmed at the time.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71029 Series 21 will launch on January 1, 2021. The 12 characters include a Jaguar Warrior, Space Police Officer, Violinist Boy, Alien Crook, Female Centaur, Beekeeper, Ladybug Girl, Pug Costume Boy, Surfer, Singer, Plane Costume Girl, and Castaway.

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