Paper bags for LEGO sets, but not Collectible Minifigures

Following the announcement that the LEGO Group is trialling paper bags in products, it has been confirmed that these won’t be used for Collectible Minifigures.

During a roundtable with LEGO User Group and LEGO Fan Media representatives, the LEGO Group’s sustainability experts have confirmed that paper bags will be used for all LEGO set in-box packaging – but not for Collectible Minifigures and blind bags.

When asked about whether polybag sets would be moved over to paper bags, the LEGO Group’s Sustainable Materials Director Anne Boye-Møller confirmed “it will be all the in-box material that will be in the wrappable paper.” That even includes the instruction book and sticker sheet.

LEGO paper bags 2

She went on to clarify further: “That’s also the polybags and bags for textiles and stuff like that, that will also be transferred into paper.” Textiles likely refers to the minifigure capes and other soft good items, but polybags probably means single use plastic bags within boxes rather than polybag sets.

Brick Fanatics asked specifically if this would also apply to blind bag products such as Collectible Minifigures. “We have tested minifigures in paper bags and we believe that the paper quality is not strong enough to be handled in the shops, so we are looking into alternatives for that.”

It suggests that a sustainable alternative is being sought for Collectible Minifigures wrappers, but it will not be the paper bags that will be used in LEGO sets.  

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