Paper bags didn’t work for LEGO Collectible Minifigures packaging

LEGO Collectible Minifigures are moving to boxes, and this change came with challenges when trialling the concept designs, including a paper bag.

From September 2023, LEGO Collectible Minifigures series will be in cardboard boxes rather than plastic bags. While this is a more environmentally-friendly decision, it will eliminate the possibility of feeling or otherwise what minifigure is in the packaging before you purchase it, as it has been revealed there will no way to tell via any other identifier.

During the development of the semi-final concept that the packaging will be based on, multiple other methods were trialled, including a paper bag that could still allow for feeling the pieces inside. Unfortunately, testing revealed that this was prone to tears, especially with the larger elements that LEGO Collectible Minifigures are known for.

Various kinds of paper-based boxes were trialled too, with experimental designs including those of various shapes and sizes. However, the sem-final design that was picked went for a simpler look, with one section featuring the pieces jutting out at the back and a flat front showing the artwork for that series. Past series have more than likely been used in the concepts for testing purposes only.

After the development and trials, the semi-final design pictured on the right of the above gallery was chosen and it will be the packaging for LEGO Collectible Minifigures from September 2023 at the earliest. In the meantime, we can look forward to the launch of 71034 Series 23 before then in bags according to official images.

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2 thoughts on “Paper bags didn’t work for LEGO Collectible Minifigures packaging

  • 29/06/2022 at 13:24

    TL/DR: This will lead to exploitation on BrickLink/reseller sites, limit collectability, cause waste, and upset a lot of people. Solutions suggested at the end.

    There is a lot to unpack here for me. I have rather specific LEGO tastes, only really being interested in Castle/Fantasy/Medieval themes, or minifigures that can be inserted into that spectrum. But while I have tried, I am terrible at feeling blind bags. I don’t like picking up figures that are outside of my range, due to expense, climate impact, and just sheer waste. I try to make “spare” minifigures into gifts for relatives where I can, but… it bothers me a lot. I have spent some funds on BrickLink to complete sets, but when it comes down to the new sets that have come out since I started my collection, I make a pilgrimage to a Official LEGO store in London a couple of times per year to pick up the bags the staff there have “felt up”. And they tend to get them right about 80% of the time. And that is incidentally why I don’t like rarity grades in the series, as it is too much like a loot-box system, and makes speculation more of a thing. LEGO should not be going down that route, in my opinion.

    (Side note: I am not greedy, I generally only want one of each theme-compatible minifigure. I have often been very disappointed going to LEGO stores though, being told that some army builder has come in, and that none of the new Build-A-Minifigure parts are left, since they bought 20 or 30 blister packs worth in one trip!).

    So to summarise, I only want certain figures and I try not to get gouged too badly on BrickLink. But what are my future options?

    – As it stands, my only option will be BrickLink or websites that re-sell collectible minifigures. And if you think the prices are bad now, wait until they’re the only game in town. I don’t like paying extra, but what happens when you can’t feel the packs at all? Look at the prices going for the VIDIYO Slime Singer!

    – If LEGO offered on their website the option to buy full sets of 12 minifigures, that would be interesting… if the series had stronger themes, like series 14 or 18 did. Otherwise, even this option is not that useful to me.

    – A raised dot system might be interesting, as it would allow for those that really want certain figures to hunt them down, and would make series with no strong theme much fairer. But I can see why they don’t want this solution, as each series has some minifigures that are much popular than others.

    – If LEGO guarantees that you get three full sets in an unopened retail box, then I guess I could get three sets of the ones I want and then… what do I do with the spares? Swap them in the playground? Sell them on BrickLink? Or could I maybe return them to LEGO? I mean, if it’s not gambling, can we return the unwanted minifigures as we are not satisfied with them?

    – Maybe a dual-pricing system? Minifigures are £4 random, but £5 if you can pick them out? I mean, if I have to pay profit to someone, it might as well be to LEGO themselves, so I can get VIP points. It would also stop hoarding and gouging by resellers, which would only exacerbate the problem, by encouraging resellers in smaller towns to buy up all the local stock and corner the market.

    At the end of the day, I agree with the no-plastic move forward, but note that LEGO have discarded the option of wax paper pouches (that could be felt), have refused to allow hints/marks/codes for selective buyers, and have decided to make sure that their new boxes are more theft-proof than before. So LEGO really want the resale market to thrive… is this to do with their purchase of BrickLink? Who can say!

    LEGO Corp: All I want is to buy the zero to three minifigures I like each series when they’re released, not have to pay too much extra, and avoid waste. Am I asking you for a lot?

  • 27/06/2022 at 23:52

    Reason #2 on why I choose to retire from collecting Lego Minifigures full time!


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