Platform flexibility for LEGO Group employees

The LEGO Group has been expanding the flexibility offered to creative employees, allowing designers to choose if they would prefer to operate on a Mac rather than a Windows device. Michael Loft Mikkelsen, infrastructure engineer, has seen this culture shift since he started at the company with 700 Macs distributed in recent years.

Speaking at the Jamf Nation user conference, reported by Network World, Michael explained:

“[Designers and product developers] are crucial in developing new products and solutions for LEGO customers. For them, it’s not an option which platform they work on,” said Loft Mikkelsen, who spoke at the Jamf Nation user conference in Minneapolis. Jamf specializes in Apple management software, and LEGO is a user of its Jamf Pro (formerly called Casper Suite) platform. “Some of them come straight out of college, some are recruited from the LEGO fan community. Most of them have been working on Macs their entire life. They’re comfortable with it. They love it. For them, it’s part of their identity.”

The process of allowing employees to use Macs rather than Windows PCs at the LEGO Group has been a cumbersome process in the past, with Michael implementing Jamf – an Apple device management solution – to make using a Mac a more realistic prospect.

“Our technical analysis, and the human aspect, both pointed in the same direction. For us to gain the full benefit and value, we had to choose Jamf,” he said.

As the LEGO Group continues to rapidly expand its workforce, the company continues to adapt in numerous ways to deal with the resulting growing pains, including the recent opening of international offices and investment in new workspaces in Billund.


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