Protect your head with this life-sized LEGO Sutton Hoo medieval helmet

A LEGO fan is literally making history with a life-sized, historically accurate Sutton Hoo helmet, made entirely from bricks.

Andrew Webb showcased the build on Twitter, revealing the helmet build which is based on the real-life Sutton Hoo helmet, a piece of history that, just like LEGO bricks, was shattered into hundreds of pieces before being found and reconstructed.

Andrew explained just why he undertook this project in a blog post. In it, he went into the fascinating history of the helmet and recalled having the idea for the model upon seeing a 1×1 transparent red tile and likening it to the jewels on the artefact. When compared to the replica model on display at The British Museum, the similarities are surprisingly clear. The gold bricks lining the nose and forehead matches the intricate design on the replica and LEGO grille pieces add a rough but metallic finish to the model.

Andrew plans to submit the LEGO Sutton Hoo helmet to LEGO Ideas, but only when the helmet is fully completed. In the meantime, the builder has demonstrated the main function of this build with it being wearable, but admittedly designed for younger fans of history.

LEGO helmets appear to be popular among creative fans, with one 3D printing a knight helmet earlier this year.

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