Sophie Ellis-Bextor spent lockdown building LEGO NINJAGO City

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has revealed she spent lockdown building The LEGO NINJAGO Movie set 70620 NINJAGO City.

Speaking to comedian Ellie Taylor for Bubble’s “Normal Parenting” mini-series, the “Murder on the Dancefloor” singer shared that assembling the enormous The LEGO NINJAGO Movie model helped her get through lockdown.

“For Christmas, Richard [Jones, her husband] bought me LEGO NINJAGO City,” she said. “It’s got five stories with a sushi shop, kimono dress shop and a comic shop. It’s beautiful. I started building it at the beginning of lockdown, just 10 to 15 minutes every evening, and I finished it by the end.

“It was absolutely gorgeous. And that was mine, no one else was helping me with that – just me, my LEGO, my glass of wine and something on the telly. Perfect.”

LEGO 70620 NINJAGO City featured 800 445

The singer isn’t the first celebrity to turn to LEGO bricks to fill the time during lockdown. Orlando Bloom, Leandro Trossard and Anna Kendrick have all found solace in the interlocking brick system. But as Ellis-Bextor revealed, her love of LEGO actually precedes the pandemic.

“I’d asked Richard for Christmas for two years running for that set, and I think he thought I was joking,” she said. “But when I got it I was like, okay, now I can get to work. I love LEGO, I think it’s awesome!”

The massive, 4,867-piece 70620 NINJAGO City launched in 2017 alongside The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, but retired at the end of last year. Fortunately, the NINJAGO theme has lived on, with a full range of sets now available at

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