First Star Wars: Andor trailer reveals rumoured LEGO set

The first trailer for Star Wars: Andor shows off what seems likely to be the rumoured LEGO set based on the Disney+ series.

Our first glimpse at the upcoming Rogue One spin-off show debuted at Star Wars Celebration yesterday, and already there are lines to be drawn between the footage in the trailer and details of a rumoured LEGO Star Wars: Andor set, which is said to be launching later this year.

According to a report from Promobricks earlier this month, 75338 will include a ship that’s evocative of the Clone Wars’ Republic Gunship and HH-87 Starhopper. That sounds very much like the bulky, short-winged ship we catch a glimpse of in the Andor trailer, so if the rumour is accurate, it’s a good bet that that’s what we’re getting.

Star Wars Andor ship

While the teaser doesn’t give us an extended look at the new vehicle – and the colour grading on the trailer makes it difficult to ascertain details – the same rumour suggests the LEGO version will be mostly grey, with stickered yellow highlights. It also details three possible minifigures included in 75338: one is believed to be Cassian Andor (naturally), while the others are not named, but described.

One is said to be dressed ‘completely in blue’ with a blue cap, while the other is described as wearing a beige coat and sporting blonde hair with a receding hairline. There are decent candidates for both those minifigures in the trailer – the first is likely to be the blue-and-orange-capped guards, while the second sounds like a fair account of Stellan Skarsgård’s as-yet-unnamed character.

Even while these links between rumour and trailer are clear, it’s important to remember that reports of any LEGO Star Wars: Andor sets are yet to be confirmed by the LEGO Group, and should be taken with caution for the time being.

We’ll hopefully find out more at the summer of LEGO Star Wars panel at Star Wars Celebration later today, alongside a potential reveal of 75335 BD-1.

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