The LEGO Group and April Fools’ Day

With another April Fools’ Day wrapping up, a LEGO social media expert explains the secrets to a good prank.

It is April 1, so fans have been enjoying the latest hi-jinks from the LEGO social media accounts. Given that for several years, the LEGO Group has shared various pranks on April Fools’ Day, the social media team decided to explain how and why they enjoy the special day.

“We try and plan them at least a couple of months out, so we have time to get some really good ideas,” said Matt Guenigault, Global Content Development and Engagement for the social team. “This normally starts with a brainstorm session with the Social Media team, where everyone is invited to throw their ideas in.”

There are three things that Matt’s team consider when devising an April 1 jape. “It could solve a first world problem – something people take too seriously; it could be potentially solving a LEGO problem, something we could enhance; or taking an existing LEGO experience and massively expand it – something relatable but blowing it up to be silly and fun.”

LEGO April 1 b

One example of having fun with an existing problem is the VacuSort, which ran with the idea of needing to sort bricks. “We have to be quite careful in the wording to not over promise – it can’t look too real,” he said. “We try to find a compromise – no release date for example. We keep it vague – not necessarily linking anywhere. It’s a fine balance.”

Just in case the prank is too believable, the social media team let the LEGO Group’s Customer Service and our Cooperate Communications teams know in advance that the fake announcements will be going live.

“We really want to have fun with our brand and the audience, it’s quite fun to play with it on social, it’s nice to have that creative, fun flexibility – it’s part of our DNA. We have a brand which is fun and can be cheeky.”

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LEGO April 1 a


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