The LEGO Group has remastered the LEGO Universe soundtrack

The LEGO Group has remastered the soundtrack to its 2010 massively-multiplayer online game, LEGO Universe – and it’s available to stream right now.

Composer Brian Tyler and musician Richard Dekkard reunited to remaster the soundtrack, which they originally created with John Harman and the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra. Tyler has since gone on to compose scores for blockbuster films including Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The original recording of the soundtrack was oddly prescient of how many creative industries have been operating over the past 12 months: thanks to scheduling constraints, Tyler ended up managing the process remotely from a studio in Los Angeles, using audio and video streaming software to conduct the orchestra.

The LEGO Universe theme has since gone on to be used at the entrance of LEGOLAND parks all around the world, while other tracks have appeared in video games like LEGO Tower, but this is the first time the game’s soundtrack has been made available to download or stream.

“I’m really proud of the music and I’m proud of the game,” Tyler said. “I am asked all the time, ‘Is it going to be available?’ and earnestly thought to myself, ‘I hope it is!’ I really wanted that for the fans, so I was not going to miss a beat in terms of helping get this out there to the world.”

You can find the LEGO Universe soundtrack on all good streaming services, or go deeper into its creation over on YouTube with a behind-the-scenes retrospective that features the voice of the game, Sir Patrick Stewart.

If you want to learn more about the 2010 game – which stayed online for just 15 months after launch, before its servers closed down for good – check out the Bits N’ Bricks podcast. Last week’s episode explored the video game’s origins, while this week’s dives into the soundtrack with Tyler, Dekkard and Stewart.

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